From the municipality right down to the barangay  and sitio,  the people of Dumalag have prepared as best as they could for the coming of Super Typhoon Yolanda.

While there were no casualties, several government infrastructures – including the municipal hall, public market and civic center – were devastated by the typhoon’s sheer unstoppable magnitude.

At the local civic center, for example, the roof was blown away by the gale-force winds. There, witnesses could only watch on as gutters flew inside the civic center, circling around in close and dangerous vicinity to those nearby.

Dumalag Mayor Amado Eriberto V. Castro, Jr.
Mayor Amado Eriberto V. Castro, Jr.


Yet, with the arrival of RAY DILG funds, repairs could then be made to quickly return the civic center to its former glory. “The ‘Smoke Free Caravan’ was recently held in our civic center, with participants from the whole province attending,” Anne Milady Flora from the Department of Health says proudly.

Department of Health official Anne Milady Flora
Department of Health official Anne Milady Flora

Meanwhile, at the public market, local furniture maker Antonio Faco explained how RAY DILG-funded repairs provided him with an almost entirely unexpected opportunity.

For decades, Antonio could only afford to display his handcrafted furniture pieces outside his house. Without a stall to display his wares, the highly-skilled manufacturer relied instead on word-of-mouth recommendations, and would often make his furniture on a per order basis. Worse, during Yolanda, much of the furniture was damaged.

Dumalag market vendor Antonio Faco
Local furniture maker Antonio Faco

Since then, Antonio has been able to take the opportunity to display his wares in the newly-repaired local market. With his own stall, that also doubles as a larger workspace, he can now showcase his range in a strategic location.

In the nearby municipal hall, RAY DILG-funded repair of the roof and installation of new glass doors and windows has also helped bring life back to normal.

Mayor Amado Eriberto V. Castro Jr. was very pleased with the funding assistance extended to them because their municipal hall was not just repaired, but it was napatibay  (made more resilient).

“In an event that a super typhoon with the same strength of Yolanda would hit Dumalag, our facility will be able to withstand it,” he says.

The people of Dumalag are grateful for the assistance provided to their municipality. The municipal hall has now resumed normal operations. The public market has been rebuilt to directly benefit the local businesses, and the community is once again free to use its civic center for social and cultural activities.


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