In Dumarao, Capiz, the local public market experienced significant damage during Yolanda’s onslaught.

Over time, this event provided the community with a unique opportunity to improve that which had been destroyed, and make it more disaster-resilient.

Marlyn D. Camasa - Dumarao local market vendor
Local market vendor Marlyn D. Camesa

“Even before Yolanda, the market area was not that busy,” Marlyn D. Camesa, a local market vendor, explains. “We only have a few market goers. Our primary customers were passengers who would stopover at the transport terminal, beside the market.”

As post-Yolanda repairs began, additional improvements were made to help ensure that the market would better serve both vendors and clients.

Dumarao public market
The newly-rehabilitated Dumarao Public Market – July 2015.

“We now have two market buildings: this means that more people are coming in the market,” says Marlyn. “It is a big deal for us. When our sales improve, it is a good indication that the marketplace and community are recovering,” she adds.

Dumarao Municipal Mayor Leslie Warren Benjamin
Dumarao Mayor Leslie Warren Benjamin

For Mayor Leslie Warren Benjamin, the improvements are also striking. “We are happy that our proposal for the rehabilitation of the public market was granted,” he says.


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