The landlocked municipality of Matag-ob, situated at the western part of Leyte province, was also hard hit by Super Typhoon Yolanda.

“It was terrifying,” remembers Cesar Paroc, a local market vendor. “The typhoon destroyed so many houses and our market. Since we needed to continue with our livelihood, we still had to use the market – even if it was no longer safe.”

Matag-ob market vendor Cesar Paroc

Vice Mayor Michael Torrevillas was stationed in the nearby civic center as Yolanda made landfall. “It served as our evacuation center,” he remembers.

Matag-ob Vice Mayor Michael Torrevillas

Yet the building sustained extensive damage during the storm. “Most of the roofing (was damaged),” he says.

“When we received the RAY DILG fund, we immediately fixed it. Nothing much was changed with the look for the structure – instead, we focused only on repairing and reinforcing what was damaged, including the stage and windows.

At the nearby public market, vendors like Cesar will soon enjoy a more comfortable and resilient space. “Our market was sufficient before Yolanda, but what we have now, with this new structure, is sturdier,” he says. “Instead of wood, we have steel trusses.”

“Although they are still completing the project, we are excited to move in already,” he added.

Local vendors with RAY DILG engineers Marina Cuevas and Noel Manaois


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