“Biliran experienced storm signal number four that resulted to the destruction of the Provincial Capitol, Biliran Provincial Hospital, Naval gymnasium, Educational institutions and some establishments. Trees were also uprooted and electric post and wires fell down.

There is no service of electricity and communication signal for the entire province…

The Local Government officials monitored the area and distributed relief goods. Further, the people still need more relief efforts especially to those families who were left nothing.”

Super typhoon Yolanda batters Biliran
10 November 2013

Biliran Province

Biliran Provincial Engineer Ventura B. BarbanidaBefore leaving Region VIII, nor would Yolanda would not spare the smaller province of Biliran.

“Yolanda taught us what a ‘storm surge’ is like,” says Alberto S. Tan, a local administrative aide.

High water levels, along with gale-force winds, proved devastating. “There was debris everywhere,” provincial engineer Ventura B. Barbanida. “Trees were uprooted, electric posts were down.” The provincial capitol building, civic centers, local gyms, schools and buildings each sustained extensive damage.

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Naval resident and local basketball coach Pedro S. Salomon Jr.The sheer magnitude of Super Typhoon Yolanda came as an early – and unwelcome – shock to the citizens of the small coastal town of Naval, Biliran.

“It was around 7:00 am when the typhoon began to ravage our municipality,” says Pedro S. Salomon Jr., a local resident and basketball coach. “I’d never experienced a typhoon like it, before: with such strong winds…  So many houses and businesses were affected.”

The local gymnasium, used as a venue for provincial basketball games, was completely destroyed.  “You had a full view of the sky from inside the building,” Pedro remembers.

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